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Make Life Sweet with Patisserie de Bain

At Patisserie de Bain there is nothing we know better than how to mix a dash of sweetness and fun into the everyday – it’s what we’re all about. Life is too short to be stressing about, so let’s sprinkle a bit of fun, whimsy and sweet nostalgia wherever we go!

We would like to invite you to join us on a #makelifesweet adventure to help stir a bit of whimsy and sweetness into your life and the lives of people around you.



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50p donation - Rays of Sunshine
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Have we peaked your interest?


We all know someone who’s having a bad time of it, feeling a little low (or is just a bit dull) ;-) – Wouldn’t it be great if we could sprinkle a dash of sweetness into their lives?! Maybe you’re bored, fed up of the ‘daily grind’ and need to capture a snapshot of childhood whimsy? Maybe, like us, you just love anything sweet and fun and want to climb aboard the metaphorical #makelifesweet bus.


Share happiness wherever we go


Whatever your reasons, we’re so glad you could join us on this quest to share happiness wherever we go – life was meant for adventure (we’ve just forgotten how to have fun like our childhood selves did).

Explore our pages to discover how fun and laughter are good for us.

- Be inspired by sweet ideas to spread happiness.
- Whimsy your way out of a rut.
- Discover our Guide to Making Life Sweet


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