About Rose & Co.

Iconic beauty from Rose & Co. Since our beginnings back in 1987 we at Rose & Co have had a love affair with everything beautiful, romantic and vintage. There is something so wonderful about taking traditional designs, rediscovering old apothecary formulas and putting a touch of our Rose & Co personality to each beauty, bath and body care product we create. We have come a long way since our first days in the famous Rose & Co Apothecary, where Victorian splendour and a whole host of curiosities come together into something quite enchanting. Now, we try to bottle up that magic into every bath and body care product that we produce, staying true to our heritage with iconic products such as our little hero lip salve, Rose Petal Salve or the famed, traditional antiseptic ointment ZamBuk. Take a wander down the cobbled streets in our imagination and explore the world of Rose & Co where a bygone era meets fabulous beauty, bath and body care products for the modern romantic.

Discover No. 84 by Rose & Co

Our sumptuous collection, No. 84, is inspired by everything that makes Rose & Co so enchanting. With feminine, soft pinks and muted golds the collection is like a fragment of luxury escaping into everyday life. The most wonderful thing about this collection is the signature scent. We spent years perfecting the right blend of complex scents to create a truly modern-rose fragrance that rose and non-rose lovers alike will just fall in love with. Why not discover it for yourself?

Discover The No.84 Range

Iconic Beauty – Rose Petal Salve

The first ever product made with the Rose & Co name on it was Rose Petal Salve. Using a traditional, apothecary formula to harness the natural powers and scent of rose petals into an all-round beauty salve. Almost 30 years on and Rose Petal Salve is known around the world for a multitude of uses from lip gloss, eyebrow tamer and cuticle balm to calming sleep salve, insect bite soother and blister prevention. When we asked Rose Petal fans to tell how they use the salve they gave us over 25 different uses. How will you use yours?

Discover The Rose Petal Collection

The Amazing Zam-Buk

When we found out about the sad plight of a Victorian first aid classic, Rose & Co just had to step in. Zam-Buk was famous back in the day as THE antiseptic ointment, even having famous fans such as Harry Houdini. Zam-Buk used to be listed as essential on GB army standing orders it was so revered, and then it disappeared from the UK. But we couldn’t let that happen, so we brought it back based on the original formula and Victorian tin design. Zam-Buk is a first aid kit, festival, gardening, travelling and adventuring essential. Will you rediscover this lost treasure?

Discover Zam-Buk