About Patisserie de Bain

Here at Patisserie de Bain we love to have a bit of fun. We inject a little of our quirky personality and retro style into every bath, body and gift we create. Whether you need to rise and shine with the sweet burst of our Bath & Shower Crèmes, keep your skin silky soft with our glycerine-rich Patisserie de Bain Hand Creams or unwind with a handmade bath treat – you can be sure sweetness is always with you to brighten your mood and broaden your smile. Bursting with happiness and nostalgia, our Patisserie de Bain sweet scents have a personality of their own. Will you fall head over heels for the free spirited Cranberries and Cream, the delightful Strawberry Cupcake, the classic Sugared Violet, the fresh-faced Lemon Bon Bon, the bold Sweet as Cherry Pie or the sunny outlook of Orange Crush? Or will our newest sweet scent Crème Patissière, our little romantic, capture your heart? We are sure that you will find your favourite sweet scent from us here at Patisserie de Bain.

Cranberries & Cream has a little rebel inside

Its style is bright and slightly mischievous, certainly not a crowd-followers, more like a trend-setter. The sweet scent is a perfect, yet eclectic blend of fruity cranberries whipped with sweet Chantilly cream. Cranberries and Cream is a free spirit, loved by beauty thrill-seekers everywhere for its fresh, fruity scent that delights the senses.

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Strawberry Cupcake is just a sheer delight

Pink, girly and cute with the most cheerful scent of strawberries and cream. It’s as if Strawberry Cupcake has a constant cheeky smile and carefree laugh as the sweet scent whisks you away to sunny Summer days and keeps you young at heart.

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Sugared Violet is a pure classic

Effortlessly stylish with the perfect hint of nostalgia, the scent is sweet and simple – conjuring happy childhood memories. Sugared Violet is your dependable friend, sure to be there for you when you need a little comforting, when life gets stressful its scent will carry you away to the sound of carefree laughter.

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Lemon Bon Bon has a fresh-faced innocence about it

With a light, young look and a sherbety sweet scent, it is the perfect pick-me-up. You can almost imagine Lemon Bon Bon skipping contentedly in a swirl of Springtime bliss as sweetshop scents burst from a paper bag and refresh your heart.

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Sweet as Cherry Pie is bold and playful

Its alternative style with a bold shot of retro pattern and cool hit of contrasting pastel certainly turns heads. The warm sweet scent of Sweet as Cherry Pie is just like walking into a retro diner with the soothing smell of cherry pie filling the air and a strong, friendly hug to comfort your senses.

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Orange Crush is a breath of fresh air

With a sunny outlook on life, it will shine a sweet light of optimism on your day. The refreshing scent of Orange Crush is like a burst of sunshine as the sweet, fruity scent lifts your spirits and transports you to a nostalgic place of freshly cut grass, picnic blankets and happy wide games.

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Crème Patissière is a true romantic

Its soft pink frills are dream-like with a hint of fairy-tale gold. Crème Patissière almost floats on a cloud, soaring above reality with daydreams of princes, queens and castles in the sky. The sweet scent of soft vanilla has the ability to wave a magic wand and whisk you away to a land far, far away.

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