About Patisserie de Bain

Our little Rose & Co sister brand, Patisserie de Bain, has certainly got a spirit of adventure and fun. We have loved watching Patisserie de Bain grow from a concept to the dynamic, fun and exciting collection of bath and body care products that it is today. Over the last few years Patisserie de Bain has spread wings and started flying. You may have been following her journey from the beginning or you may have recently discovered the joy that this bath & body range can bring to everyday life. We would love to share its story with you, especially how the very special sweet scents were created over years of exploration and inspiration since its launch in 2007. Explore the fairytale that is this brand, full of boundless imagination in true Patisserie de Bain style.

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a young woman called Caroline, full of a taste for adventure and wooed by the romance of the magical streets of Paris. Whilst wandering through the most romantic city on earth and taking in the wonders of its famous architecture, she stumbled across mouth-watering displays of colourful patisseries.

The Violet Macaron

Unable to resist their allure, she bought herself a little treat – a violet macaron. As she took a bite she experienced a twinge of nostalgia, reminding her of Parma Violets and happy childhood memories. Caroline returned to her English home with the seed of an idea embedded in her heart.

An Injection of Fun

When browsing in a local shop filled with beauty products she noticed something was missing and decided an injection of fun was needed. Caroline loved creating new things and set about reimagining the experience of colourful patisseries and combining them with scents and designs inspired by the places she visited.

Perfect Nostalgia

First on her list just had to be that childhood memory sparked by a violet macaron. The scent had to be right, conjuring up that nostalgic essence and bringing the right amount of sweetness. She spent some time perfecting the scent and packaging until hey-presto Patisserie de Bain was born and with it the sweet scent of Sugared Violet

Childhood Memories

Her next steps were to follow her nose to other childhood memories like the sherbet, sweetness of Lemon Bon-Bon and summer picnic memories that inspired Strawberry Cupcake.

Capturing a 1950s Diner

The ideas just kept flowing, and the further afield Caroline wandered the more ideas she collected. On an unexpected trip to America, she was stunned by the bold designs and comforting scents of American 1950s Diners from which she created mouth-watering Sweet as Cherry Pie.

Modern Patisserie Classic

Cranberries & Cream was inspired by the traditional thanksgiving fruit combined with sweet French Chantilly cream, like the topping on a Savarin patisserie.

Bottled Sunshine

Whilst exploring the sun-soaked hillside and eclectic designs of Parc Guell in Barcelona, Caroline wondered how to bottle the feeling of sunshine and a memory of family picnics and juice drinks flooded her mind. Shortly after Patisserie de Bain Orange Crush was launched.

What’s Cooking?

Never growing tired of exploring the magic around the world, what will Patisserie de Bain concoct next? Keep an eye on our News Section or follow our journey on social media.